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Every time I bring Okra to our Certified Farmers Market I sell out long before close of Market. Okra? Really?

You bet!

It’s not because Okra is a family favorite in Northern California. It’s because Okra has a short shelf life. You just can’t get good Okra in the grocery stores because it’s been sitting on a truck traveling long distances before it ever hits the store shelves. My Okra is harvested less than 24 hours before each Market. People that love Okra know this and that’s why it sells out.

Maybe you’re one of the many people that hate Okra and you’re wondering why you’re reading about the slimy vegetable. Keep reading – There’s a message for all consumers in this Okra tale. Its a simple message: Purchase your agricultural products locally! The benefits are many: fresher product, higher nutritional values, better tasting, you know where and how your food is grown, potentially less chemical residues, boosts your local economy….

Imagine if every commodity was like Okra and just couldn’t hold up to days, even weeks, of storage and shipping. We’d all be eating locally and seasonally. I encourage you all to take a lesson from the humble Okra pod and make an effort to buy your ag products from local producers.



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