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I started this new blog and I didn’t even introduce myself…how rude! I think I’ll tell my story with pictures. You can check the “About” tab at the top of the page for a little more information.

picture of vegetables

I run a Fresh Market farm business, raising a variety of fruit, veggies, flowers, herbs and free range chicken eggs.

Wise acre farm logo

Wise Acre Farm Logo. I designed it. I have a background in Graphic Design.

Gourd Artwork

I also have a background in Fine Art. I grow hard-shell gourds and create artwork with them.

picture of farmers market

I manage the Arbuckle CFM and sell produce and eggs at the Market.

picuture of farm stand citrus

Wise Acre Farm's Farm Stand is open weekends. I sell seasonal produce, flowers, herbs and gift items from the farm.

picture of chickens

I raise true free-range laying hens for egg production.

picture of llamas

I raise llamas and goats and various other critters.

picture of native plants in hedgerow

I work in natural resource conservation, helping landowners in Colusa County address their natural resource concerns.


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