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My current flock of laying hens will be two years old in June. The hens are still laying nicely, but for optimal egg production, it’s time to replace the flock at two years because production does begin to drop. Rather than processing these hens for the stew pot, my preference is to sell my two-year old hens to folks who want to start or add to a backyard flock. I am in the process of rotating the flock now. I have recently sold off some hens and have been bringing in new chicks.

Whenever there are new chicks on the farm, my goose, Grace, goes into mother mode. She spends her days now guarding “her babies.” I’ve never seen such a mothering instinct. My hens could care less about the little ones, but Grace will not leave their sides (except at night when she is in her coup).

picture of goose

picture of goose


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